Jabra "Y" Cord (2 person interactive - Live/Live), 8312-129

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This Jabra item #8312-129 connects two Jabra headsets to a single phone to perform agent training, supervisory, coaching, multi-users on one call. This connector allows both users to hear the caller and speak with the caller.  If you prefer to only have one participant observe (listen only) without being able to be heard use Jabra Y-cord #27352101 instead.

Note: You will need to use this item in conjunction with either of the items below sold separately AND two Jabra headsets:

  • Jabra Universal Telephone Adapter (works on all phones - Link 850 or GN8210)
  • Jabra Smart Cord (connect to phones with an RJ-9 headset jack - GN1200)
  • Jabra PC connector (connect to PC USB - GN220a or GN280)
Jabra "Y" Cord (2 person interactive - Live/Live) (8312-129)for Jabra headsets is considered an "accessory" and is not covered by Jabra's warranty. If you have any questions regarding this item feel free to contact us with your questions.
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