Jabra PRO 9470 Bundle with Remote Answering Lifter | Triple Usage - Desk/Mobile/PC | Records Calls


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  • JABRA BUNDLE OF 2 ITEMS: Jabra PRO 9470 Wireless Headset and Jabra GN1000 Remote Answering Mechanical Lifter 
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Up to 10 hours talk time. The included USB charging cable also allows you to use your headset when connected to your PC/MAC.
  • JABRA HD AUDIO SPEAKERS: High quality audio for crystal clear conversations Enjoy high-definition sound with HD Voice and get crystal clear, intelligible communication. You get life-like, vibrant conversations where you can focus on the content and don’t have to struggle to understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying.
  • RANGE/DISTANCE: Get wireless mobility up to 150 meters/450 feet to fully control your Jabra hands-free solution with DECT technology. Answer calls, multitask and move freely around on your terms.
  • GLOBAL TECK 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Our friendly Virginia-Based specialist are here to help you if you have questions or need support. Unlike other big box retailers our specialists are factory trained and certified to ensure your Jabra PRO 9470 can work with your device.
  • MORE FREEDOM: Manage all your calls from one single headset Multi-device connectivity technology lets you manage phone calls from several different devices such as desk phones, tablets, PCs and smartphones, with one single headset. You get greater flexibility and enhanced user experience.
  • REDUCE NOISE AND OFFICE INTERRUPTIONS:  Eliminate background noise interference Jabra Noise Blackout technology eliminates disturbing background noise such as wind, surrounding conversations or traffic to enhance your voice. So you can now talk freely without raising your voice excessively.  Reduces unwanted background noise Noise Canceling technology reduces unwanted background noise and the microphones are ideal in crowded and noisy, open office environments.
  • OUTSTANDING SOUND FOR CALLS AND MUSIC: World-class speakers and HD voice for crystal-clear calls and music

The Jabra PRO 9470 Bundle with Remote Answering Lifter offers the ultimate in connectivity. Specifically designed for executives, managers and other professionals.  The headset enables employees to connect with their mobile, desk and soft-phone, simultaneously. The dual microphone features Noise Blackout technology, which filters out background noise for clearer, more professional conversations.  The 9470 also provides the ability to route your telephone's audio to your PC for storage, archiving or record keeping (3rd party software such as wave pad or the native Windows Sound Recorder required). The mechanical lifter allows for seamless connectivity to your phone.  You'll get a ringtone notification in the headset alerting you to an incoming call. Just push the button on the headset and you can speak to the caller.  No need to run back to your phone when it rings nor missing important calls.


  • Certified by Cisco
  • Certified by Avaya
  • Certified by Siemens
  • Certified by Toshiba
  • Certified by NEC

What's in the Box

  • ✅ Jabra Wireless 9470 Headset
  • ✅ Headband Attachment
  • ✅ Ear-hook Attachment
  • ✅ Base & Headset Cradle
  • ✅ Power Adapter
  • ✅ Telephone Cable
  • ✅ USB Cable
  • ✅ Quick Start Guide
  • ✅ Warning & Declaration Booklet
  • ✅ System-Optimized Leaflet
  • ✅ Jabra GN1000 Remote Answering Lifter 

The Jabra PRO 9470 Bundle with Remote Answering Lifter comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect and workmanship. Global Teck Offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all Jabra Wireless Headsets including the Jabra PRO 9470 Bundle with Remote Lifter.
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