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GTW 14207-41-B
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See noise levels fall, feel productivity rise

  • Open offices are noisy offices
  • Visual feedback on noise levels
  • Measure underlying noise trends

Open offices are noisy offices

Open-plan offices are becoming increasingly popular, because they improve teamwork and communication between colleagues. Unfortunately, open-plan offices also tend to be noisier than other workspaces. As many as 35% of knowledge workers say they are disturbed by colleagues talking nearby.

Jabra Noise Guide is a portable device that monitors noise levels and makes people more aware of the impact noise has on their work. You can use it to identify especially noisy areas and encourage workers to reduce office noise.

Visual feedback on noise levels

Get instant visual feedback when noise levels exceed a set limit. The Instant Feedback Technology will make the unit turn red, yellow, or green to make people aware of the current noise level. This encourages everyone to reduce the noise, creating a better working environment.

Measure underlying noise trends

Measure and record daily noise levels over a period of up to three months. This can help identify and track problem areas in the office. Download noise data to a PC or a USB stick and analyze it using special SoundEar®3 software.

Customize sensitivity levels for specific needs

You can customize the unit to be more or less sensitive to noise – depending on whether it’s in a quiet office or a noisier one. As your company grows, use this to set when the unit should turn green, yellow, or red.


What's in the Box:

  • Jabra Noise Guide Unit
  • Jabra USB PC Headset
  • 8 GB USB dongle with software
  • Power Supply with US, UK and EU connectors
  • USB cable



The Jabra Noise Guide comes with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defect and workmanship. Global Teck Offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all Jabra Noise Guide units - 14207-41.

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