Jabra Link EHS Adapter #14201-20 | Remote Answering Kit for Avaya, Allworx, Shoretel, Alacatel, Toshiba phones

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Remote call control and voice recording

The Jabra LINK 14201-20 enables remote Electronic Hook Switch Control (EHS) with Jabra wireless headsets and a wide range of Avaya, Shoretel, Toshiba and Alacatel phones. This means that users can hear ring tones, answer and end calls, adjust the volume or even mute the call up to 450 ft. away from their desks. The integration of handset and headset allows users to benefit from enhanced mobility and the ability to multitask while on a call. 

The wireless freedom improves work efficiency and ergonomics throughout the day. As a special feature Jabra LINK 14201-20 has a voice recorder socket which allows the user to record important conversations. How it worksThe Jabra LINK 14201-20 is a plug-and-play solution that converts from the EHS standard used in Avaya, Alacatel, Shoretel, and Toshiba phones to the DHSG or GN Netcom RHL standards used in all Jabra wireless office headsets – and vice versa.

Use with the following Jabra Wireless Headsets Jabra Pro 920, 9450, 9460, 9465, 9470, Jabra GO 6470, Jabra GN9120, GN9125, GN9125 DUO, Jabra GN9350, GN9350e Jabra GN9330e

Alactel Compatible Phones:

  • 4028 EE IP Touch
  • 4038 EE IP Touch
  • 4068 EE

Allworx Compatible Phones:

  • Compatible with Allworx (firmware 7.1 or higher)

Avaya Compatible Phones:

  • Avaya 1608
  • Avaya 1616
  • Avaya 2410
  • Avaya 5410
  • Avaya 5420
  • Avaya 5610
  • Avaya 6224d+m
  • Avaya 6416d+m
  • Avaya 6424d+m
  • Avaya 9620
  • Avaya 9630
  • Avaya 9640
  • Avaya 9650

Shoretel Compatible Phones:

  • IP 565
  • IP 560g
  • IP 560
  • IP 265
  • IP 230
  • IP 212K

Toshiba Compatible Phones:

  • DP 5022-SD
  • DP 5022-SDM
  • DP 5122-SD
  • DP 5130-FSDL
  • DP 5130-SDL
  • DP 5132-SD
  • IP 5022-SD
  • IP 5122-SD
  • IP 5131-SDL
  • IP 5132-SD
The Jabra Link EHS Adapter, 14201-20 Lifter comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect and workmanship. Global Teck Offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all Jabra Wireless Accessories including the Jabra GN1000 #14201-20.

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