Jabra DanaSwitch Adapter 1600-719

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This item has been discontinued.  There are 3 alternatives.  Below are the options.

Adapter with two RJ-9 ports available for Handset/Headset operation:

Adapter with one RJ-9 port and one USB port for Phone or PC usage with a Headset:

Product Information

The GN DanaSwitch #1600-719 is a cost-effective and convenient solution that lets you switch between using your headset and telephone handset. The Danaswitch lets you to answer calls from your desk phone's handset jack.  Allowing you to plug both the handset and Jabra headset to the DanaSwitch.For those occasions when you may need to use your handset instead, the GN DanaSwitch is your one-click way to alternate between headset and handset.

Compatibility — with any Jabra QD corded headset, including Jabra GN1900, Jabra GN2000, Jabra GN2100 and the Jabra BIZ™ 2400 Series using the GN1200 Smart Cord.

Just look at the benefits!

One-click switching between headset/handset

Easy set up, sleek design

Danaswith Includes: 

  • RJ-9 telephone cable
  • headset stand
  • DanaSwitch unit 
  • 1-year warranty — lets you order with peace-of-mind. 
  • Note: Not included - Jabra headset or GN 1200 Smart Cord (headset cable).
1 year

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