Wireless Headsets for the Home Office - Featuring Scott Houston from EPOS - What The Teck Ep. 13

Wireless Headsets for the Home Office - Featuring Scott Houston from EPOS - What The Teck Ep. 13

Posted by Global Teck Worldwide on 22nd Jan 2021

Have you just set up your home office and need some equipment for work? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade the devices you already have at home?

We’re all pretty much aware by now that one of the many advantages of work from home are being at our comfort zones. But sometimes we don’t have the equipment to match the ones at the office. This could hinder the quality of our work and output.

Do you want to know how to make remote working more effective for you? One of the simplest answers we can give you are investing in a good pair of noise canceling wireless headphones with microphone! They should be a part of your home office essentials for the sheer amount of convenience they bring in and outside of work!

On #WhatTheTeck today, Ro and Dave will be joined by Scott Houston, the Field Sales Engineer of EPOS-Sennheiser, to talk about the perfect wireless headsets for work! They’ll also be talking about how big of a help a DECT wireless headset is in getting the most out of every call and every meeting!

But what is a DECT phone or DECT in general?

A Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, or “DECT” for short, is like your basic wireless telephone that you see around offices. Now the short and sweet definition of the difference of DECT from bluetooth is that DECT phones and headsets require a base station when you can connect bluetooth to most sources now.

Despite their differences, a DECT headset and a bluetooth headset with microphone make fine additions to your home office desktop accessories!

What we can suggest for you to fill your home office setup checklist are the EPOS Sennheiser SD Pro series! With up to 12 hours of talk time and a quick charging feature, you can work wireless the entire day! Not to mention that it gets up to 180 feet of range! If you get too tired sitting on your desk during calls, you could go for a nice short walk!

We’ll be showing you a tech demo on how far the range goes as well as how great the sound quality stays in the episode!

There’s so much for you to see and HEAR in this episode along with our wireless headset reviews! Come join us here on What The Teck and we’ll show you what the best gadgets for working from home are!



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