The Perfect Replacement For Your Old Office Phone Headset

Posted by Staff on 12th Jan 2014

It's 2014 people and it's time to make some new changes for the new year. In this regard, we highly recommend you throw out your old office phone headset and replace it with one of ours. This will greatly aid in your ability to work hands-free from home and take care of multiple things at one time. Doesn't this sound like a time-saving change to you?

For example, we have a Jabra GO 6470 Bluetooth Wireless headset that exemplifies this very necessity. It's a multiuse office phone headset that features 300-foot range with its wireless capabilities. With a dual microphone Noise Blackout system, it's one of the most technologically advanced tools an office person can have. Besides offering multiple sound technologies, its Digital Signal Processing almost completely eliminates any background noise. 

Doesn't this telephone office headset sound like the most versatile headset you've ever heard about? Many of us here at Global Teck have this office phone headset in our office, as well as in our home office. Once you've used this headset for an hour or two, it's beyond hard to try and go back to an older type of model. Please refer to the product description page for this product and look at all the other details and benefits it encompasses! 

office phone headset

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