Biggest Surprises of 2020

Biggest Surprises of 2020

Posted by Global Teck Worldwide on 21st Jan 2021

Want to start the new year right for work? We’re here to show you what we think are the best gadgets of 2020 so you can learn how to improve work habits or simply add to your work from home essentials!

Happy new year to one and all! The year 2020 was a real challenge to many of us but we’re each recovering at our own pace. We've learned many lessons the past few months. One good lesson we've learned was the importance of working from home.

We weren’t all properly equipped for remote work but surprisingly, the technology for such has already been available to us. From bluetooth headsets, bluetooth conference speakerphones, and the cloud – these are all saving graces that made work from home an easier and much more comfortable habit.

What's even better is that the technology will keep on growing.

So join us on this momentous 2021 episode of #WhatTheTeck and together with our hosts, Rolando and Dave, we'll be finding out more about what surprised us in 2020 when it came to technology, work from home, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more!

In the episode, our hosts will be watching numerous clips and talking about the different headsets people used in them. They’ll also be talking about the advantages of having bluetooth headsets for work as well as bluetooth headset recommendations. Especially if you’re going to be interviewed on national television, you definitely need the highest quality active noise canceling headphones so everyone can hear you better.

That’s only one example. Having noise canceling headphones for work is something every professional should be equipped with.

For our recommendations, if you find yourself traveling often, a good travel essential are Blueparrott headsets. They’ve got great noise cancellation and are easy to bring around.

Perhaps for events or general work from home use, the Plantronics 5200 is a good choice. It’s sleek and boasts a high audio quality!

The future of work from home is that it’s here to stay for a good long while. 2020 has proven that the advantages of work from home can sometimes outweigh that of working from the office. We’re safer and more comfortable. We just need better home office equipment to match.

So be sure to watch this episode for more tech tips as well as a live tech demo! If you want to get a better eye for the future, this episode is just for you!

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