Best VoIP Cloud Platforms For Business, Kari's Law, and WFH trends with DeLaine Clifford

Best VoIP Cloud Platforms For Business, Kari's Law, and WFH trends with DeLaine Clifford

Posted by Global Teck Worldwide on 21st Jan 2021

Going to the Cloud?

Want to improve communication between you and your co-workers for better rapport? Do you want to increase the morale of the people around you?

The pandemic may have separated us physically but remote work has kept us connected. It’s easier for us to reach out to one another with the various online platforms but sometimes it lacks the sincerity of personal meetings. That’s why proper communication during these times is important!

Today on #WhatTheTeck, Rolando and Dave will be talking in depth on how to improve communication in an organization as well as discuss the platforms that encourage the improvement of such! Helping us get a better grasp of this topic we’ll be joined by DeLaine Clifford, the Communication Ace!

Work from home has allowed our businesses to stay afloat, as well as allow many of us to keep working. This has kept us in touch with one another but calls can only do so much. That’s why in this episode DeLaine will be giving us business communication tips on how to increase work morale! Happier people always produce more creative output!

One important topic we’ll be getting into is Kari’s Law and how it relates to modern communication. First off, what is Kari’s law? For the short version (DeLaine will explain in depth at the video), it requires telephones to be able to dial 911 emergency without a prefix number, which is the number 9. Modern telephones or being on the cloud makes emergencies easier to call. This is why it’s important to know Kari’s Law and why you should modernize your business!

We’ll also be talking about the rise of work from home trends such as seeing better the benefits of bluetooth headsets for work. If you want to sound as if you were speaking to each other face-to-face, a great pair of noise canceling headphones will fill that void!

We’ll also tackle the importance of cloud computing or simply the benefits of the cloud for business! The cloud is sometimes simply referred to as the vast database on the internet. Dropbox and Google Drive are good examples. In this episode, we’ll find out the best cloud platforms to help your company maximize efficiency!

We’d love to give you more tips on effective business communications but the word count here is limited.

So come and connect with us here at What The Teck and let’s get you started on cloud communications and making everyone a little happier!

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