Best Bluetooth Headset for Indoor Noise - Head to Head Headset Battle Pt. 3!

Best Bluetooth Headset for Indoor Noise - Head to Head Headset Battle Pt. 3!

Posted by Global Teck Worldwide on 21st Jan 2021

Can’t work from home efficiently because of the noise? Does it distract you from that crucial meeting? It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

So you’re at a call, selling your product to someone on the other line. They keep asking “what?” and you repeat yourself numerous times because someone’s blasting the TV a few feet away from you. A normal 5 minute call turned into 10 and the extra minutes could have been time for another customer. If you’re wondering how to get better at sales calls, sometimes it’s not you – it’s the equipment you’re using.

This is just one of the challenges of working from home – indoor noise. Remote work has awesome benefits! These include being able to work in your pajamas! But it can get noisy with your dog barking, someone watching TV, or the kids roughing it around the house. That’s why one of your must-have home office gadgets should be Bluetooth headsets. But not just any kind, you deserve the BEST OF THE BEST noise canceling headphones!

For this very special episode of #WhatTheTeck, our hosts Rolando and Dave will be joined by Communications Ace, DeLaine Clifford, in helping you decide on what the best noise canceling headphones for work are!

Thanks to DeLaine’s expertise in the communications field, we’ll be tackling how to improve your work from home setup so you can be your most productive self! She’ll also be giving her unfiltered opinions on the various Bluetooth headset reviews we have for you! There will also be a tech demo for each brand as we see how each of them compete against the various noises we encounter at home!

We’ll have the top audio devices, like the Plantronics 5200 UC, Jabra Evolve 65T, BlueParrott B350, Apple Airpods, and the Sennheiser Presence UC, along with a few others! We’ll be once again using our trusty Rocket Ratings to determine their capabilities and to gauge them, our categories will be voice quality and noise blocking.

With voice quality and noise blocking as gauges on what makes a great Bluetooth headset great, we get into the nitty-gritty of what people really need for their home office video conferencing equipment. The audio quality is important so that you’re heard better and that equates to faster and clearer communication. The best gadgets for working from home should consider these two factors as the foundations for excellent bluetooth headsets.

See and hear for yourself which of these headsets are the best for your situation at home! If you have questions or comments feel free to contact us!

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