Best Bluetooth Headset For Driving - Head to Head Headset Battle - Actual In-Car Road Tests

Best Bluetooth Headset For Driving - Head to Head Headset Battle - Actual In-Car Road Tests

Posted by Global Teck Worldwide on 21st Jan 2021

What is the Best Bluetooth Headset For Driving - Head to Head Headset Battle - Actual In-Car Road Tests

Which headset is best for noise-canceling road noise in the car?

Do people say they can't hear you well when driving? Have a hard time having a conversation when driving? We have not one, but SIX headset solutions for you!

On this episode of What The Teck, our hosts Rolando and Dave review six Bluetooth headsets: the Plantronics 5200-UC, BlueParrott B350, EPOS Sennheiser Presence UC, Vont PRO, Jabra Evolve 65T, and the T12 Bluetooth Earbuds. Tune in to find out what are the best headphones for travel! We also have our first-ever guest, Milton from EBPMAN Tech Reviews!

Together he’ll be giving us his famous tech tips and opinions on which of the aforementioned headsets are perfect for the modern-day professional!

As a busy professional, you're always looking to stay on top of your game, going from place to place. Your travel essentials need to be strong and portable. One aspect that gets overlooked is how you "sound" when using your mobile phone, especially when in transit, on the go, or at the airport.

So on a cold winter afternoon, one of the hosts, Rolando, got in his car and drove around Washington DC with recording software, bluetooth headsets, and a mobile phone to find out which bluetooth headset is King of the Road. These tech demos were conducted with the top Bluetooth headset brands (Plantronics now Poly, Sennheiser now EPOS, Jabra, and BlueParrott). Also added are other lesser-known brands to see if the more prominent brands offered superior technology or was simply a more expensive shiny headset.

In the road tests, we tried to examine the quality of the noise canceling on these active noise canceling headphones and see (or rather, hear) how much road noise could be blocked-out out by the microphones. Noise-Canceling technology allows your voice to sound better instead of the annoying road noise such as wind, car vibrations, and other distracting sounds. On this bluetooth headset review, the rankings reflect the best overall voice clarity and the ability for the headset to block out road noise. We did not consider any other factors - i.e., price, comfort, and features. So based on the audio quality alone, we want you to ask yourself, “are wireless headsets worth it?” We know they are! Most of all, we hope to give you an idea on which of the headsets shown will fit your preferences. In this episode you’ll find actual in-car video footage shots for these tests.

See and HEAR the results for yourself!

Have you used these headsets? If so, we would like to hear about your experience with these headsets.

If you haven’t yet, give this episode a watch and let’s see if we can get you the best bluetooth headset for travel!

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