Teleworking Extenders

As more companies realize the many benefits of teleworking and Voice over IP programs including real estate savings, reduced absenteeism, improved employee productivity, increased customer satisfaction and improved employee retention - the search for practical, low cost teleworking solutions continues. Companies are seeking affordable solutions that will provide teleworking employees the same telephony experience as employees working in corporate headquarters - without a significant investment in equipment and complicated and expensive networking to the home.  It is also a excellent tool for reducing a company's carboon footprint.

Citel's MCK Extender voice solutions easily and cost-effectively extend the features and applications of your corporate voice system to your remote workers - whether they choose to work in their home office, in a local office or from the road. With these solutions, you can provide every employee the benefits of the corporate voice system, including four-digit dialing, call hold, transfer and conference, corporate directories, auto attendant and ACD functionality, regardless of their location.

Global Teck can provide design, installation and turnkey services for all of the MCK solutions. Don't throw away your legacy PBX. Turn into an effecient workhorse with the MCK product line-up. Call-us today to begin or expand your teleworking requirements.

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