GN1216 For Avaya 9600 and 1600 phones, 88001-03

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The cable is for Jabra/GN headsets that connect to Avaya 9600 and 1600 series telephones. This unit replaces the Jabra GN1215 Cord.

The Jabra straight cord #88001-03 for Avaya phones 1600 and 9600 series can be used with Jabra wired headsets.


  • “Ampless” interface — eliminates the need for multiple cords for connecting to different phone systems. 
  • Easy to use — simply connect the Smart Cord between your headset and phone. 
  • Pick up the handset, move the system selector switch through the settings until you hear a clear dial tone, and place your call!  This type of setting is required with a limited number of phones for Avaya.  Check your user Telephone User Manual for additional details or contact us.

Avaya Compatible Phones:

  • Avaya 1608
  • Avaya 1616
  • Avaya 9620
  • Avaya 9630
  • Avaya 9640
  • Avaya 9650
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