Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets


These wireless headsets are designed to work with your Aastra phones and are proven to provide excellent sound quality.  Plug'em into your headset port and start enjoying hands-free communication.  Many customers who uses wireless headsets want to answer calls directly with the headset (aka Remote Answering).  To enable this feature on any wireless headset on your Aastra phone you will need either the mechanical "Lifter" or the newer electronic EHS cable.  See the EHS guide for further details to see if your Aastra is compatible with the newer electronic EHS cable. 

Wireless Headsets can work with Aastra phones that have headset ports as well as Aastra phones without a headset port.  The list below is a sample list of some of the Aastra phones customers have used with headsets.

Wireless headset usage with Aastra phones: 

If you're not sure which wireless headset is compatible or suitable with your Aastra phone just chat, email or call us at 1-703-766-6363 and we can provide you with details for the most suitable style for your environment.
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