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Corded Headsets


These Corded headsets are designed to work with your Aastra phones and are proven to provide excellent sound quality.  Plug'em into your headset port and start enjoying hands-free communication.  If your phone does not have a Headet port you'll need to add the GN8210 adapter (for Jabra Headsets) or the Vista M22 (for Plantronics Headsets).

Direct-connect corded headsets are comptatible with: 

  • 480, 480e, 480i, 554, 564, 565, i733, 1120e, 1140e, 1150e, 1210, 1220, 1230, i2002, i2004, i2004 IP, i2004 Phase II, i2004 POE, i2052, i733,  1230, 2465, 2564, 554, 564, 565, 7406, 8540, 9617
  • m1009, m1109, m1250, m1309, m2006, m2008, m2008hf, m2009, m2018, m2112, m2216 (ACD 1), m2216 (ACD II), m2250, m2317, m2616, m3901, m3902, m3903, m3904, m3905, m4000, m4020, m5006, m5008, m5009, m5112, m5208, m5209, m5212, m5216, m5312, m5316, m5317, m6310, m6320,
  • m7100, m7208, m7308, m7310, m7310n, m7316, m7324, m7900, m8001, m8003, m8009, m8300, m8314, m8400, m8417, m8600, m9009, m9516, m9216, m9316, m9417, T7100, T7208, T7316, T7406,
  • Other Aastra phones may require a Headset Adapter when using corded headsets contact us if your phone does not appear on this list and we can look it up in our compatiblity database.
If you're not sure which corded headset is compatible or suitable with your Aastra phone just chat, email or call us and we can provide you with details for the most suitable style for your environment.

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