VXi Passport 10G Noise-Canceling Telephone Headset, VXI-201602 | Requires Adapter

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VXI 201602
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The VXi Passport headset #201561 is a single-wire headset designed specifically for contact center and office professionals. Passport’s advanced noise-canceling microphone, together with its high-quality speakers, delivers the kind of accuracy and clarity that professionals demand.

Leading companies around the world have come to depend on VXi's Passport headsets for clear, consistent communications. Users also depend on Passport’s day-after-day-durable design to meet the rigorous demands of all-day contact center, help desk and other telephone intensive office environments. And since many users wear them all day long, they truly appreciate Passport’s custom, adjustable fit and lightweight comfort. 

Note: This VXi headset comes with a Quick Discconnect.  This allows this headset to connect to Jabra/GN Netcom Amp and USB devices (8210, 8000, 8110, 8050, Link 850, Link 220/280) and Jabra/GN Netcom connection cords (GN1200 series, 8800-xx-xx).

VXi Features

  • Monaural, noise-canceling headset featuring P-series quick disconnect for connecting to Plantronics devices
  • Compatible with Jabra Adapters or cords
  • Noise-canceling microphone blocks out the sound of surrounding agents
  • Impact-resistant plastic withstands the intensity of the 24/7 contact center
  • Durable construction means fewer repairs and less hassles
  • Flexible gooseneck boom ensures proper microphone placement
  • High quality components for clear audio communication on both ends of the call
  • Very comfortable & lightweight
  • Two-year warranty

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