VXi EHS Adapter #203412 for Snom: 300, 320, 360, 370, 821, 870 and 800 Series

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This is a VXi EHS adapter #203412 for Snom: 300, 320, 360, 370, 821, 870 and 800 Series.  Use this EHS adapter with VXi V200 Cordless headsets.

VEHS-A1 (Snom: 300, 320, 360, 370, 821, 870 and 800 Series)

  1. Attach the VEHS-A1 to the V200.
    • Remove the panel from the bottom of the base station (refer to the V200 User Guide for additional information).
    • Attach the VEHS-A1 to the bottom of the V200 by carefully inserting the plastic guide pin into the screw-hole socket on the base of the V200, then press together the rear of the V200 base and VEHS-A1 until it snaps into place.
    • Insert the color-coded cables from the VEHS-A1 into the corresponding color-coded jacks of the V200 base station; the connectors should ‘snap’ in place when fully inserted.
  2. Connect the longer VEHS-A1 cable into the headset port of the phone (the headset port is generally located on the bottom of the phone).
  3. Attach the ring-sensing microphone: insert the 2.5 mm microphone connector into the ‘microphone’ jack of the VEHS-A1. Affix the microphone to the phone’s speaker grill by carefully removing the paper backing from the adhesive ring on the microphone housing and placing the microphone over the grill; the hole of the microphone housing should line up with one of the center slots of the grill.
  4. Set the V200 to work with your phone:
    • Mode 2
    • Compatibility Switch is set in position “D”
  5. Adjust the sensitivity of the VEHS-A1 ring sensing microphone:
    • Adjust the phone’s ringer volume to the desired level.
    • Place a test call to the phone. As the phone is ringing, rotate the VEHS-A1’s ‘Microphone Sensitivity’ thumb wheel until a ring-tone is heard in the V200 headset.
  6. Set the best audio levels in the V200:
    • On the phone, adjust the volume levels until they are just below half-way.
    • Increase the V200 headset volume levels all the way up, until three quick tones are heard in the earpiece.
    • On the V200 base station, decrease the microphone volume levels all the way down, until three quick tones are heard in the earpiece.
    • Place a test call. While on the call, decrease the V200 headset volume until at a comfortable level and increase the microphone level so that the person on the other end of the line can hear you well. If you hear your voice echoing in the earpiece, decrease the microphone levels slightly to reduce the side-tone feedback.
This VXi EHS adapter for Snom phones #203412 has a one year warranty.

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