Blue Beacon Bluetooth Extender Bluetooth Headphones Headset Speakers Keyboard Mouse for Plantronics Poly USB-C BT Dongle Works with Computer Desktop Wireless Transfer Laptop Bonus MDA220 USB Hub

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GTW 8300-002-MDA
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Armor up with GTW Blue Beacon USB-C Extender and Poly MDA 220 USB Hub! Your wireless Bluetooth USB-A adapter connects to the Blue Beacon USB Extender, providing better communication and music experience when connecting your existing Bluetooth headset or headphones to PC and Mac computers. It's compact enough to keep on your computer or laptop monitor for always-ready connectivity. This provides you with a high-end solution that maximizes the potential of your Bluetooth device. Intuitive and straightforward, the MDA220 USB helps you migrate seamlessly to Unified Communications (UC) while keeping your desk phones. Its intelligent design makes it easy to switch between desk phones, softphones, and, if using a Plantronics Bluetooth USB headset, even mobile phones. Teams can manage calls without changing headsets—giving voice to enterprise. Plus, this forward-thinking, adaptable switch is built to facilitate future compatibility with the latest softphones and Plantronics headsets.

-Practical, small dongle easy to carry in your pocket and stays discrete when plugged into the PC/Mac.

- Enables better wireless communication with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

- Easy Installation Cable Clip that attaches to the back of a computer or laptop monitor

✅ GTW Blue Beacon USB-C Extender
✅ GTW Cable Clip/Holder
✅ Poly MDA 220 USB Hub

**** Recommended for Professionals looking to get stronger connection to their bluetooth devices including headphones, headsets, keyboards, mice, bluetooth speakers and more. The Global Teck Blue Beacon USB-C Extender is designed to work seamlessly with any USB-C Bluetooth adapter (dongle not included).

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